Ven: The same is true for our “self” or “I”. Recall a time when you were very angry. how did the “I” appear then? It seemed very solid- as if there was a real me that someone was insulting. That “I” felt real, as if it were independent, somewhere inside our body and mind. We… Continue reading WHERE IS THE SELF?


Heart Center Meditation:::

Greetings beautiful souls: I would like to share a meditation focusing on the fourth chakra, which is the heart center, is called in Sanskrit Anahata and the color is green.  The heart chakra is associated with the vibrational sound of “YAM”. As we focus of this area heart center I breath in the nourishing color… Continue reading Heart Center Meditation:::


Beauty and the Earth:::

Beauty and the Earth When my friend, fashionista Martha Graeff proposed a shoot, I jumped at the opportunity. Martha is a former model, stylist, and fashion buyer. She now produces the popular fashion and lifestyle blog In other words, she lives and breathes fashion. Our idea was to combine her fashion sense and my… Continue reading Beauty and the Earth:::