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Looking at Noelia Madiedo’s captivating images gives us no clue that she started her professional life in a very different field, although we get an inkling that her passion for photography is somehow connected to the mystic places of the far East.

Her dream in high school and later college was to be a clinical psychologist. After graduating from Florida International University in Miami she went on to work with children as a behavioral modification therapist. It was an emotional roller-coaster ride for Noelia as classroom theory met the reality of working with autistic and disabled children.

Still loving her work helping children, but wanting to balance the hectic pace and years of mentally draining days, she took time out to visit the far East and the places she felt inexplicably drawn to—Nepal, Bhutan, the Himalayas. Once there, Madiedo fell in love with the landscape, the culture and the people living on the roof of the world. It was the spiritual connection she needed, and in her mind, there was no better way than photography to capture the essence of the people and places she grew to love so much. Noelia had found her purpose and her calling.

Having heard the siren call of the East, Madiedo, who was born in the Dominican Republic to a Cuban father and Dominican mother, moved to Singapore in 2010. It was a world away and far different from the Latin culture of her native DR and Miami, but it was the perfect launching pad for her travels to the destinations that are the backdrop for some of her most inspiring images.

Today, her photography attracts the attention of magazines, galleries and book publishers, and while the East still holds a special place in her heart, her photography now explores all continents, from the megafauna of Africa to the verdant landscape of the Cuban countryside and the frayed glory of old Havana.

Madiedo currently splits her time between Singapore, home base for her Asian travels; Miami, where she promotes her work , and will soon open her own gallery and space for meditation.

8 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Dear Sarah: thank you so much for your beautiful message. When I read this makes me more motivated to share and makes me feel what I do is worth it. It is great to know what people have to say I always get a smile on my face for messages like yours. Thank you again and I’m sure you will travel and get to know the world. I am sending very good vibes your way you sound like a pretty cool girl although you say on your blog you’re not. Keep expressing yourself and sharing 🙂

  1. I am happy and very proud to see this. I wish i could do it myself but there are other duties that i have to perform. You are a window to me for the life I wish to enjoy. Keep posting for i love to watch and read it all. Its so peaceful to watch your blog.

    1. Hi Sarah hope you are well. I want to let you know I am really thankful for considering my blog which I started recently and having your support and my followers really makes me happy. Thank you again.
      Love and light

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