Heart Center Meditation:::

Greetings beautiful souls:

I would like to share a meditation focusing on the fourth chakra, which is the heart center, is called in Sanskrit Anahata and the color is green.  The heart chakra is associated with the vibrational sound of “YAM”.

As we focus of this area heart center I breath in the nourishing color green.
This chakra relates to the sense of touch, and ability to give and receive unconditional love.
As you breath in the color green release any feelings of isolation or unworthiness
Feel the breath of life flowing into your heart and gently dissolving your pain and suffering
All relationships are mirrors to ourselves
I honor the love that is flowing to me and through me
I accept the love from the universe
And I freely give back my own love to the world around me
I sent out love to my family and friends
To my community
To my nation
To my world
I sent out love to the earth and the spirit of life
I sent out to people I don’t like… When I can love my enemies they become my friends

I remember to honor and love myself
I forgive myself
Anything that I’ve ever done that doesn’t measure up to my values and standards
I forgive others as well
And the wonderful power of love blesses me
I breath in love and exhale love

I repeat this silently to myself
I give and receive unconditional love. ❤️

Sending love and light your way 🌬✨



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