Even Lazier:::

Today I will like to share a selection of reminders from the text “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment” by Thaddeus Golas.
Hope you like it and share your thoughts.
Have a wonderful weekend
Much Love and light,


Even Lazier


  • We are equal beings and the universe is our relations with each other.
  • What am I doing on a level of consciousness where this is real?
  • No resistance.
  • Love it the way it is.
  • Love as much as you can from wherever you are.
  • Whether I feel it or not, I am one with all the love in the universe.
  • Love is the only dimension that needs to be changed.
  • Go beyond reason to love: it is safe. It is the only safety.
  • All state of consciousness are available right now.
  • It’s always within us to relate this way.
  • Enlightenment doesn’t care how you get there.
  • Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it.
  • There is nothing you need to do first in order to be enlightened.
  • This, too, can be experienced with a completely expanded awareness.
  • I wouldn’t deny this experience to the One mind.
  • What did you think it was that needed to be loved.
  • When you learn to love hell, you will love heaven.
  • Thank you, my brothers and sisters, for letting my consciousness be in this place.


By Thaddeus Golas


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